Business Process Management – (BPM)

Today Government agencies operate mission processing systems on local, national and global levels.  Agencies need to provide modern efficient processing to preserve budgets and meet the demands of their constituencies.   Many Government systems now have public facing, self-service components that provide better public service.  Agencies face a public that has the expectation that they can access services using the full spectrum of communication from traditional paper transactions to leading-edge online devices.

iDoxSolutions provides a portfolio of business processing systems that make organizations more efficient, ease processing, and secure vital data. Our solutions take an enterprise view that includes records management, eDiscovery and regulatory requirements. Systems from iDox range from public portals for application submissions, status updates and information gathering to closed, secure data process management.  We can develop solutions ranging from fully customized to configured Commercial Off the Shelf to Open Source solutions. Our integration teams implement business workflows that make organizations more efficient and effective in supporting their mission. 

iDox also offers solutions and transition strategies to migrate existing paper or electronic processing systems to modern Web-based architectures.  We build intuitive, user friendly user interfaces for internal and public facing clients.   Many of our systems include processes using traditional paper transactions to support customers who will not access systems online.  

iDox has developed a disciplined, yet agile approach to understanding business requirements and selecting the right architecture and platform for solutions with an advantageous long-term cost of ownership.