Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

How do enterprise managers effectively use the myriad of data from multiple systems?  A decade ago a set of robust reports might have been the best solution.  Today enterprise leaders are not content to wait and measure their results after the fact.  They want to understand their organization's performance in time to make corrections that will affect outcomes.  Organization leaders want the story in understandable graphical depictions that can be access at anytime and anywhere. 

Business Intelligence  Questions like these are in the minds of organizational leadership every day.:  How do we meet our recruiting goal with the current salary structure?   What changes do we need to make to decrease the approval process from two weeks to three days?  How can we show how the organization changes have improved customer service?    iDox can evaluate your mission requirements and develop analytics to get your organization data working to meet your mission goals.

Put your data to work The wide range of reports generated by an organization's processes and automation are invaluable in the day to day business's workflow but of limited use for enterprise level goals.  Reviewing reports means that management must perform the analysis; the iDox team will put the data to work for you.   Rather than a vast number of detailed reports the iDox team coverts' analysis into graphic reports that provide enterprise status using intuitive graphic “pictures." 

Content Management  The iDox team will help you get the enterprise view by effectively managing both structured and unstructured data.  By governing all sources of data and building robust dashboards the lower-level data that drives decisions making can be accessed through drill downs and data from unstructured sources such as desktop and SharePoint sources can be utilized for data analytics. 

iDox builds powerful Analytics Platforms  iDox provides flexible, AI-powered Analytics platforms that combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade BI, and capabilities to acquire, merge, manage and analyze Big Data and Big Content stored in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems. The iDox approach enables machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization.

Along with technical expertise iDox has subject matter experts in the many facets of business process engineering and enterprise content management.   Our subject matter experts have decades of experience providing solutions that meet both internal and external regulatory requirements of government agencies.