Agile process

Solutions delivered by iDox are developed within the framework of our own Common Approach Methodology (CAM), which is an Agile-based rapid development methodology used to design and develop new capabilities that are present to users early in the cycle.  The CAM methodology promotes constant communication. In creating new applications, iDox uses proof of concept, prototyping and piloting methods to demonstrate capabilities and gain business user and agency buy-in. Thus, we avoid long periods of development that don’t meet user expectations.   Short and iterative “sprints” are used to review capabilities as they are being developed.   Each developer is required to participate in peer reviews during the short sprints to maintain productivity and get feedback from their team members.   This allows that each developer can benefit from services that have already been developed, and the experience of the team is shared.   When a capability is developed that falls short of expectation that knowledge is shared so that the team develops a collective knowledge of what works and what does not.   The users and stake holders are involved in the sprint cycle to ensure that the capability is easy to use and meets the business goals set by management. 

iDox Enterprise Content Management solutions allow organizations to govern electronic information – including email, SharePoint folder content, shared drive data – all from creation to archiving without disrupting agency operations.

iDox delivers innovative and practical NARA compliant enterprise records management systems that minimize disruption to the mission. The ability to manage the records “in place” results in efficiency and $ savings! 

iDox business systems make agencies more efficient with easy to use business process solutions that save time and money.

How can government agencies and leaders keep pace with change while ensuring continued mission operations?   iDoxSolutions IT consulting services help to achieve mission goals, increase efficiency and deliver greater productivity.